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My name is Raoul Dittrich, and I am the owner of ppm.guru, a consultancy to provide expertise and services in the domain of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). On this site I also regularly write about topics relating to PPM or more generally excellence in project/program and portfolio management.

In the last 16 years I have built up my expertise in Project Portfolio Management in leading financial organisations like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Dresdner Kleinwort in London, Frankfurt and Berlin. I am passionate about connecting and sharing my experience with others, so I regularly attend conferences (as a speaker or participant), as chair of the UK&Ireland CA Clarity key user forum or as member of PMI.

Through various projects I have gathered experience in a wide variety of aspects of Project Portfolio Management:

  • Strategic alignment of the portfolio – how to capture and express the strategy of the firm and ensure that all projects (well – at least most of them) take you towards the right direction in achieving your strategic objectives
  • Project accounting – how to best align PPM systems with books & records / general ledger (e.g. SAP)
  • Business Cases and Benefits management – the difficult “art” of expressing the value of your investments in terms that matter for the organisation and can be tracked throughout the lifecycle
  • Measuring progress of your projects using KPIs (key performance indicators) – and ensuring that these KPIs are a good leading indicator towards achieving objectives
  • Dependency Management – do you know your critical projects that block many others when they are delayed? Do you have the governance and controls in place to manage these dependencies? Are your project managers equipped with a framework to agree dependencies with others?
  • Resource Management – can you actually do the projects that you have prioritised? Do you have resource gaps? Should resource availability determine your start date?

Recently my focus shifted on some current topics:

  • Agile Portfolios – with the advent of Agile methods in software development the focus on “traditional” aspects of project management has changed, e.g. scheduling, management of dependencies, risk and issue management. However, as soon as Agile projects (or products) are impacting other projects in the organisation effective governance and control across is required
  • Management of Assumptions. In many cases they are static and do not change during the project duration. What if they change daily (e.g. as in your Brexit-readiness project)? How do you manage this systematically?
  • IT Governance – both senior management and shareholders, auditors and regulators require the organisation to stay on top of its investments (project portfolios) as failure can have huge consequences and knock-on implications beyond the organisation

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