Optimise the benefits of your PPM system

Does your PPM system no longer meet the taste of many of your users? Project managers complain that the PPM system keeps them from doing their work instead of supporting them? New project management systems come in through the back door – that’s where the actual projects take place. In the PPM system, data is updated only reluctantly. Your reporting is no longer up to date. Some even talk about shutting it down….

ppm.guru can help you find the weak points in your system usage. The market and variety of project managements systems has developed rapidly in recent years. What seemed good a few years ago has now been overtaken left and right by new, innovative cloud-based solutions.
In interviews with the users concerned, analysis of your system and our knowledge of the system market, we can establish solutions to make your PPM system future-proof and fit for the years to come.

Agile Transformation of the Enterprise PMO

Your organisation is going all-agile, they don’t want to use your systems and processes any more and you wonder how you can keep order in your project portfolio? You are asked to approve budgets but there are no requirements in the submissions and you start to worry…

ppm.guru helps you to transform your Enterprise PMO to become agile itself, to examine the progress of the agile transformation and adapt your process and control framework to the new environment.

Strategic alignment of your project portfolio

Your projects are doing well and deliver their results, but you struggle to make ends meet with all the new demand coming in. Everything is important and urgent, but you know that there must be a better way to prioritise your demand. Or maybe you should even stop or postpone some running projects because something new is of even higher priority?

ppm.guru can help you to make your organisational strategy tangible for project portfolio and demand management. We will give you the arguments you need to approve some projects and decline or defer others – even existing ones. This will ensure that your project organisation only works on those projects that are really strategic and maximises the strategic value out of your portfolio.

Executive Management Reporting

You want to automatically create an appealing, informative and up-to-date project portfolio reporting for management but for the “finishing touch” you are still using PowerPoint as the information in your system is not correct?

ppm.guru helps you to completely automate the reporting. Not only an appealing report is required, but also a coordinated reporting cycle in which everyone involved is aware of and adheres to dates, data quality and accountability for data collection and maintenance.

Benefit Realisation Management

Your projects all report green, but you are not sure that the project goals and benefits promised in the beginning will come out at the end. Release 1.0 becomes 1.0a but will be delivered on time? The management wants to know which projects were successful and which not but you can not answer the question with certainty.

With the help of quantitative methods (monetary, KPIs), ppm.guru helps you systematically define and capture the project’s goals by rebuilding project reporting so that you see more than just actual costs or milestones delivered. Benefit Realization Management also becomes part of project controlling with defined handover points during project progress or project end back to the line organization.

Consulting in your PPM system selection

You are planning to purchase a PPM system new or as a replacement, or to license it as an SaaS solution. The market is big and confusing and everyone promises the all-singing-all-dancing solution. You need advice in choosing the right product that will keep you happy for the years to come.

ppm.guru helps you to create the long-list, short-list of possible vendors / software packages and to define the rating parameters that are important to your organization. After reviewing and evaluating the product features of the short-list providers, you can make a sound, data-driven decision for the right product.

PPM Processes

You want to standardize your project portfolio management and make sure your projects report the right project status. You need support in defining project governance processes, in the rollout or training of project / program managers. Also, you want to make sure your processes are compliant with industry standards, e.g. to PMI or Prince2 and auditable.

ppm.guru helps you to create, harmonise, standardise and document project / project portfolio processes as well as to plan and conduct training for your community.

System Integration

Your PPM system sits lonely in the corner, unloved and unused by your project managers. They prefer to use JIRA or MS Project. Your financial controllers only trust the numbers they see in SAP. However, you need correct data in your PPM system because that’s where the prioritisation decisions need to be made – which project should be prioritized and which project should be finished.

ppm.guru can help you to define the right integration concept. Which system is source and which is target? How should the data flow? Who is responsible for what data?

Data quality and data governance

The quality of the data in your PPM system is rather mediocre. Reports created are not current or show inconsistent data. Management believes PowerPoint rather than the reports from your system.

ppm.guru helps you to significantly increase the data quality via data governance. Consistency rules help to automatically check data. Defining and documenting the responsibility for the data helps to get the right people to manage the data.


If these problems and challenges sound familiar and you need them solved then please contact me. In a first free initial consultation I can find out if I can help you solve your challenges.