Project references

On this page I have listed some successfully completed projects – all conducted within major international organisations – that have helped me to build my expertise in project portfolio management.

Rollout of PMI-based program governance framework

When: 2016
Where: London, leading global organisation – financial industry
My role: Responsible for PPM tooling and processes
Description of the project: The IT-part of the organisation had a well established program governance framework, based around PMI and adapted to its specific needs. However, this framework did not recognise the complex relationship between IT and business in running programs and was also not documented well enough for “easy consumption” by the new business stakeholders. I started to establish an easy-to-navigate intranet-based to navigate through the various process steps based on the project type, re-defined the role of the sponsor as the person with key accountability and rolled out the new framework to existing IT program managers and new business stakeholders of the organisation. The rollout was supported by a combination of webcasts, blogs, global phone calls, interactive and recorded training – supported by a carefully designed communications plan.

Automation of Executive Management Reporting

When: 2017
Where: London, leading global organisation – financial industry
My role: Responsible for PPM tooling and processes
Description of the project: The organisation had a well established PPM solution with automatic reporting in place, but “the last mile” – the final executive management deck – was still done manually. We then first agreed with the executive management some principles, like “golden source reporting” (no modification of data downstream), a bi-weekly reporting cycle with cascading review steps and then built appealing standardised reporting decks using Cognos to finally automate all reporting that was previously done with PowerPoint.

Dependency Management of the project portfolio

When: 2015
Where: London, leading global organisation – financial industry
My role: Lead of Program-manager expert group
Description of the project: The project portfolio of the organisation had become more complex and much more interdependent following some IT outsourcing and some major core infrastructure change initiatives. The interdependency of the project portfolio had to be systematically captured and managed by defining roles and responsibilities and a portfolio dependency management process. I gathered a group of experienced program managers of the company to help me design such a process. We also defined suitable language (e.g. receiving project, delivering project) to simplify the communication on dependencies between stakeholders.

The solution was so successful that the new language was soon used at board level of the company, I also presented it at the CA World Conference in Las Vegas in 2016.

Implementation of CA Clarity

When: 2012-14
Where: London, leading global organisation – financial industry
My role: Program manager, reporting to the COO of the IT division
Size: >10mn EUR project budget, >10.000 users
Description of project: After several unsuccessful attempts I was appointed to lead the implementation of CA Clarity (leading PPM system by Computer Associates – now a Broadcom company) for the entire IT organisation. After analysing the reasons for the prior failures I focussed on the setup of an effective governance structure of the Clarity implementation program, especially the Steering Committee and a working group of subject matter experts who were empowered to adapt organisational processes to suit the default configuration of the software. The implementation was de-risked by allowing for a long parallel run with the legacy system whilst re-building the foundations of the new system.

Benefit Management and benefit forecasting

When: 2013
Where: London, leading global organisation – financial industry
My role: Program manager, reporting to the Head of Strategy Management
Size: Process rollout and training to >500 program managers and controllers Globally.
Description of project: The organisation was lacking a clear and defined process to capture and management benefits of its project portfolio. I define a Benefit Management process with some key features like: independent quality assessment, quarterly benefit forecast and portfolio reporting of benefits that established transparency into the portfolio to the CIO and business stakeholders and identified investments with deteriorating benefits during their lifecycle.

Definition and rollout of project management methodology

When: 2011
Where: London, leading global organisation within financial industry, IT department
My role: Head of Integrated Governance reporting to the Head of Strategy Management and Organisation
Size: process definition and rollout to >1500 project managers
Description of project: After a signification organisation restructuring the company combined several silo’ed IT functions into several small business aligned functions and a large application development function. One objective of the latter was to standardise the project management framework and define clear “transition checkpoints” or quality gates between the business aligned functions, application development and production management. Together with a senior project manager of the application development function we lead a working group to define, document, agree and rollout the Project Management Methodology (PMM) for the IT function.

Rollout of resource management

When: 2010
Where: London, global organisation – financial industry
My role: Head of Business Management International, reporting to Global Head of the Business Management of the CIO
Description of project: After a major merger of two financial organisations I was appointed to define processes and implement a system for the IT resource management across all international development locations. I lead a working group to define resource pools, establish skill management, and empower resource managers to manager the mid and short term demand of projects against the resource pools, identify shortages and incorporate project staffing into the project approval process.

Implementation of ITM

When: 2006-07
Where: London, global organisation – financial industry
My role: Business project manager, reporting to Head of the Enterprise PMO
Size: >2mn EUR project budget, >500 project manager
Description of project: I was appointed to establish a PPM system for the COO of the organisation to establish transparency of the project/investment portfolio of the organisation. After reviewing different technological alternatives we chose to purchase and rollout the system ITM for the project review and approval process and capture of key project submission data (costs, benefits, milestones, etc.).

Setup of Enterprise PMO

When: 2005-06
My role: Director & Founding member of the Enterprise Portfolio Management Office
Size of portfolio: >100mn EUR annual investment budget
Description of project: I joined the newly formed Enterprise PMO to add expertise with the IT project management methodology. The first step was to define and rollout standardised project management processes and establish a new project review and approval board to ensure all new projects were vetted and aligned to the enterprise strategy. Then I set up a standard reporting rhythm and regular project review sessions with the key project managers.